Serving Humanity

Ugima Foundation is deeply bound by the call to serve humanity. Our founding principles are based on the duty and mandate to promote basic dignity of the human person through promotion and provision of an enabling environment. This drives us to support the vulnerable and needy amongst the communities that we work with. The categories of vulnerable members of our communities that we support includes;

  • Orphaned & Vulnerable Children (Children at Risk)
  • Single Women & Marginalized
  • Needy Youth

Our approach is two pronged and organized in two key programmes to offer support to the communities. The programmes are described as below

  • Springs of Hope
  • Foundation of Hope

    Springs of Hope

    We give hope to women, youth and child-headed households through our social-economic empowerment initiatives.

    We train, facilitate skills & knowledge acquisition, and offer financial support to beneficiaries for either starting or growing their small businesses. In this, we target agriculture, handcraft and other promising income generating ventures. In the end, we endeavor to link the produce and products to local and abroad markets ensuring increased household income.

    This Programme provide an opportunity for partnership to Investors and/or Partners willing to support/ mentor local business ideas and scale them to viable ventures.

    Foundation of Freedom

    The Foundation of Freedom is a programme designed to offer wholistic support to children and youth at Risk. The programme provides needy children with basic needs including the most basic needs to education & health care. Support may include Scholarships, Foodparks, Clothings, Mentorship and/or Coaching. 

    The Foundation of freedom gives you as our partner the opportunity to set a child free from Ignorance, Poverty and other avoidable socio-economic bondages through:

    – Giving a partial or full scholarship to needy but bright child

    – Supporting a child that is abled differently with basic needs (food, clothing, healthcare)

    – Support a needy teenager through a vocational course

    – Support with School and/ or Educational Materials

    Call for Support​

    We invite you to join and help us to support thousands of needy families that we are supporting. Your donation however small will make a huge impact in our efforts

    – With USD 20, a food basket will feed a need family for one week
    – with USD 200, you sponsor a child in primary school for one year
    – with USD 450, you sponsor a student in high school with school fees and study materials for one year

    Your donation of USD 1000 supports a group of 50 farmers to enroll and complete an induction course to organic farming.

    Kindly contact us for more information.

    Our core Belief
    passion for improved livelihoods

    We believe that all humans are created equal and all are entitled to a dignified lifestyle. It is our responsibility to  grow and help others grow. Communities can grow for the better with our Support. We are committed to maximize positive socio-economic gains for our local community.