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Stardock Fences Download Free Version
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Stardock Fences Download Free Version

This article demonstrates how to get Stardock Fences' comprehensive version for free on a computer. Following the clear get link and guidelines below for support on installing Stardock Fences on your computer.

Table of contents

  • About the application
  • Stardock Fences System Requirements
  • How to Download and install Stardock Fences
  • Required files

About the software

Fences, the ideal Windows corporate solution, will help you take control of your disorganized desktop and create a tidy, inspiring workspace. Fences has a little something for somebody: it collects your icons, files, and folders in shaded areas that can be hidden with a plain double - tap, and even creates desktop pages you can tap through for easy sorting.

Designers may appreciate the special desktop space created by tucking files off in adjacent Fences while they paint, style, edit and more. Project-based docs and investments are conveniently located, just one press away, and when you need them. Gates can also be dragged anywhere on the pc, snapped to the legs, spread across several pages, or sometimes rolled up with the dog of a rat.

If you stream or create video content, immediately make your desktop looker pleasant by activating Fences to abolish all graphics in an easy double - dog. Ready to bring them back to the pc? Double - tap again to make all of your Fences return particularly where you left them.

Are you sick of looking through countless symbols to discover what you need or just want to have your fun activities in a convenient location on your desktop? Now Fences is the program for you.


  • Custom - size darkened areas for organizing your pc
  • Manage the pamphlet framework right from within a gate
  • Roll up fences to the heading - cafe for cleaner desktops
  • Blur the wall behind railings( Windows 10 basically )
  • Use Fences on contemporary, increased - Dpi tvs
  • To hide / reveal icons, double click the desktop.
  • Swipe between three chapters of gates

Technical Characteristics

  • State procedures for organizing your pc icons
  • Screenshot fences layout for easy restoration
  • Scale fences to screen shape or keep the per-screen declaration constant.
  • Change the border spacing and emblem.

Stardock Fences System Requirements

  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7

How to Download and install Stardock Fences

  1. Click on the download click( south ) below and start downloading the required files. Depending on your download speed, this process could take anywhere from a few minutes to several years.
  2. Collect the downloaded docs. If you don't know how to educe, watch this post. The login to extract will always be: Qwerty!
  3. Function Setup. files and install the software}

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