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PCDJ DEX Download Free Version
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PCDJ DEX Download Free Version

This story shows you how to download and install the full release of Pcdj Dex v3.18.0.1 for free on Device. For instructions on installing Pcdj Dex v3.18.0.1 on your computer, click the immediate download relate and follow the link here.

Table of contents

  • About the application
  • Pcdj Iodide v3.18.0.1 Procedure Needs
  • MAC
How to Download and install Pcdj Dexter v3.18.0.1Required files

About the programs

Dex 3 is professional Dj Software for Mac and windows that allows you to go far beyond simple Djing. The most versatile conduct - it- all Dj software attainable, Dex 3 enables you to intuitively balance music, music videos and host karaoke with precision. Why live for a product that has just one act or incorporate various items? Dex 3 is the only Dj application with all the features you require to make any every concert a net performance.

With our knock - generator based automated beat mixing and critical detection it's easy to integrate tracks, allowing you to rely on the other aspects of your mix. Whether you're mixing live or using an automix, Dex 3's industry-leading practice tone engines will enable your audience to enjoy superior audio quality.

Since Dex 3 offers no - delay audio and assistance for today's hottest Musician controllers, loops, sunny cues, and all recording features are super - adaptable. Dex 3 allows you to create mixes from your own music and music video library and / or itunes using just a keyboard or mouse, or one of the 100 + supported Dj controllers.

The important options of Pcdj Dex are:

  • Up to 4 Dj deck( two for video and singing ) with technical quality social and songs
  • Various 2 - deck and 4 - deck skins & nbsp, with Audio and video Tabs
  • Support for over 100 & nbsp, Dj Controllers
  • Automatic detection of arrival / removal of Midi controllers
  • Earpiece cueing and testing
  • Skin support– change the appearance of Dex 3( Skin Designer ) ( Dex 3 Skins )
  • Perfectly mechanical or automatic combining( one - click master - coordinating )
  • Built in Influences( Filter, Echo, Reverb, Flanger, Pan, Bitcrusher and more )
  • Key - Switch( Master Tempo )– Very high quality possibility around!
  • Asio / Coreaudio low - latency support
  • Video mixing( including pitch, break, change, sketch television )
  • Video influences, Video transitions and New Video Mix Recording
  • Produce Text, Image and video Overlays to portray to listener on - filter
  • Shader & nbsp, support for visualizations that are beat-aware on the screen
  • Timecode vinyl / Cd support
  • Robust librarian with arrangement filtering, search as you type, and badge processing( New:" List Mode")
  • Change font dynamically( in real - time ) in playlist / browser( press on the list to have focus and then press + / - / 0 on your keyboard )
  • Store and remember signals and spirals( and humid signals )
  • Seamless knowledgeable looping and beat - skip
  • Immediate network - based Pm identification with batch processing
  • Automatic Key Detection & nbsp, for harmonic mixing
  • Vinyl simulation that includes pedal, pitch, reverse play, and scratch
  • Transmit your merge electronically with Icecast2 or Shoutcast
  • Soundcloud Go +& nbsp, Streaming Support
  • Beatport and Beatsource Link & nbsp, Streaming Support
  • Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription & nbsp, Support
  • Karaoke. net Store & nbsp, for in - app karaoke song purchases
  • Karaoke Singer Rotation List
  • Ksr( Karaoke Singer Request System )
  • Karaoke Singer / Song History
  • ( For use in - between karaoke singers ) Filler Music Player
  • Analog knowledge for mic( with talk over ), tuners, or Cd player's
  • Pitch scaling for harmonic / key mixing
  • Configurable key stepper( full, half, or quarter steps ) with a digital readout
  • advanced auto - mixing including Mix - In/ Mix - Out( Cue In / Out ) points
  • Perceptual immediate develop( bulk manage )
  • Automix on Elapsed Time Option( Ie: Fade to following loop every 3 hours )
  • Sample gamer – weight up sound clips and set them
  • Karaoke Cdg( Mp3 + G Zip and uncompressed ) and Multiplex karaoke file support
  • Record your blend to Mp3, Wav or Aiff
  • Unlimited list searching, drive explorer, database, and import support for the itunes library
  • Dilute the collective ballad in Ram for speedy connection
  • Dex 3 reads mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, ogg, flac, mp3 pro, wma, wma pro, mp4, mpeg, avi, mov, flv, mkv, wmv, mp3 + G, zipped mp3 + G and more! ( Non Drm )
  • Dex 3 works cross - stand, so your shop will work extremely well on a Windows keyboard as it will on a Mac!

Pcdj Dex v3.18.0.1 Procedure Needs


  • Panels 8.1 / Panels 10 / Panels 11
  • Intel Core i5/ i7 / i9 – Amd Ryzen 3 or Greater
  • 4 Gig Ram or Better( If you have more than 100, 000 tunes we'd encourage at least 8gb )
  • Video Card: Dedicated Graphics Card with at least 512mb( or Intel Hd 3000 Show or better )
  • Directx / Asio Compatible Multi - Channel & nbsp, Audio Interface & nbsp,( and / or Usb audio interface )
  • 200 Megabyte costless on the hard - pull


  • macos 10.14 or greater
  • Intel Core i5 / i7 / I9 / M1 chip
  • 4 Gig Ram or Better & nbsp,( If you have more than 100, 000 songs we'd recommend at least 8gb )
  • Video Card: Dedicated Graphics Card with at least 512mb( or Intel Hd 3000 / Iris Series or better )
  • Core Audio multi-channel soundcard( and / or Usb audio interface )
  • 200 Megabyte independent on the hard - pull

How to Download and install Pcdj Dex v3.18.0.1

  1. Click on the download switch( south ) below and start downloading the required files. This might take from a few minutes to a few years, depending on your access acceleration.
  2. Remove the downloaded folders. See this article if you don't know how to harvest. The login to harvest will always be: Qwerty!
  3. Go Setup. file and install the software}

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