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Nurturing Healthy Communities



                             Nurturing Healthy Communities

Organic Coffee Farming

We engage coffee farmers to adopt best farming practices, new varieties & bio-processing methods.  This Program aims at promoting organic (Coffee, Macademia, Avocado) farming to meet the growing world standard markets

Ugima Coffee Clinic

Ugima Runs a one-stop Solution for farmers' inputs needs. Providing a wide range of organic inputs. The clinic also provides extension services to respond to farmer education needs. 

Farmers Training Programme

This program initiates farmers into the transition from the conventional towards organic farming. The key focus is to disseminate knowledge, skills and proper mindset to adopt organic farming


Who We Are

Ugima foundation supports communities through social entrepreneurship. Specifically, to promote agribusiness and opportunities for improved livelihoods. The organization employs a community collaboration model to mobilize local resources and design homegrown innovations to improve agriculture productivity, add value as well as link local farmers to lucrative, fair-trade markets

Ugima Foundation provides a platform for coffee farmers to create wealth

Coffee Nurseries

Coffee Demo farms

Coffee Processing

Where does it end ?

Kahawa Pesa

Ugima Foundation provides a platform for coffee farmers to create wealth through a unique coffee beans savings model. Farmers save a few kilos of their beans every harvest and upon attaining a certain threshold, they are eligible to borrow from the pool. Regular savers are able to borrow inputs for their farm production

Coffee and the Eco-System

Eco System
Our Farmers intercrop coffee with other beneficial crops including indigenous shade trees to ensure sustainability and long-term soil health from regenerative farming.
Use of Bio-Management of Diseases & Pests is core to our crop production 
Solar Energy 
Ugima advocates and supports the families to use Solar energy due to its nature of efficiency, cost effective, reduced dependency on fossil fuels, emission free and predictable cost. We have supported families access solar lamps for lighting.
Socio-Economic Empowerment
Through the sale of coffee, families are now able to support their basic needs as well as save in the Kahawa Pesa program. 
Water for Life 
As part of our campaign for improved livelihoods, we have ensured that families have access to clean and safe drinking water.